Download any MP3 from Shazam or SoundHound.

About ShazaMusic

ShazaMusic is a free Android application which will help you to download any kind of shazam or soundhound musics as Mp3

It is so simple to use ShazaMusic for downloading mp3/music from Shazam/SoundHound on android in 3 steps:

  • Search on Shazam

    During search we are using Shazam's official API

  • Select your music

    Click on music from search results

  • Download

    Now you can Download selected music as mp3

* Click downloaded file on notification bar and enjoy by listening downloaded music :)

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or other matters, don't hesitate to Contact us or write an email to

New Version

Many users ask us about new version. How to know about latest version of app? There are different ways to keep in touch for new version of app:

  • Notification

    We send notification to our users if special things have been changed

  • Social Networks

    You can follow us on our official social network pages to be able about latest version releases:

  • Visit site

    You can visit our official site to check latest version of app.

  • Email

    We send email about new version or you can contact us any time you want to get new info.


If you are interested about how to download shazam music on other devices (How to download shazam mp3/music on IOS, windows phone, desktop) then please follow us and we'll inform you when our ShazaMusic app's web version will be ready.